Radiography Learning for the 21st Century 
 Our unique online learning experience is meeting the needs of a new generation of student.  
  •  Post-Video Quizzes: Short quizzes after each video allows students to build confidence in the material.
  •  Feedback: Each question includes detailed answer feedback.
  •  Retake: Ability to repeat quiz until perfect score is achieved 
  •  Quality: Each video is produced in 720 HD with high-quality narration 
  •  Illustrations: Our illustrations help identify confusing concepts and relationships.
  •  Large Catalog: All major categories within radiography science are available 
  •  Questions Bank:  Large questions bank, over 1,800 questions covering all topics
  •  Customizable: Ability to choose between practice mode and test mode
  •  ARRT Exam Style: Our exams are created to match that of the ARRT Certification Examination
Course Topics
  •  X-Ray Tube & Circuit  
  •  Rad Measurements
  •   Radiation Biology 
  •  Image Production
  •  Physics
  •  Image Aquisition

  •  Digital Radiography
  •  Positioning 
  •  Radiation Protection

How We Support Students
Visual Learners 
 Our videos are created to enhance learning through large illustrations, creative labeling, and the use of mental hooks.
Slow Processors
  24/7 access on all mobile devices and PCs allows students to learn when and where  they are most receptive.
Knowledge Gaps
   Our videos provide the exact information needed to help fill these gaps thus empowering the students to succeed 
How We Support Programs
Increase Average Class Grades
Our learning platform increases average class grades by allowing students to master the concepts at their own pace. This serves to build student confidence thus increasing overall classroom grades.
Increase Classroom Efficiency 
Classroom lectures can be a series of one step forward and three steps back for instructors. Our platform provides a way to keep the subject matter fresh between lectures and allows students to better increase their base knowledge.   
Prevent Student Dropout
The most common cause of student dropout is lack of subject comprehension and low grades. Our goal is to prevent this from ever happening again through providing students access to high-quality learning tool.
What Students Are Saying
 I used this site for 2 days and passed my exam on the first try. Highly recommend it. Great refresher before heading into your ARRT exam."
 Radtechbootcamp helped me pass my boards in June!! The area I was weakest was physics until I took their modules online and far exceeded my goals of passing. Physics ended up being my strongest area after I received my results!!"

I was able to fully understand the concept within an hour of your course. Thank you so much! I feel a big relief."

Dennis Bowman says...

"I am incredibly impressed with what I have seen from RadTechBootCamp and I’m very proud to be a contributor to their learning platform."  
  • Individual Logins: Ability to access from any device with internet connection
  •  Content: Peer-reviewed for accuracy  
  •   2017 ARRT Standard: All content created to meet current specifications
  •   Regular Updates: Content updated to meet the evolving needs of students 
  •  Produced by Professionals: Our team is composed of experienced instructors and working technologists
  •  Reporting: Custom user activity reports availible 
  •   Accountability: Certificates for completion of mock exams 
  •   Focused Videos:  All videos have short runtimes, high-quality illustrations and clear recorded narration.
  •  Post Video Quizzes: Included after each video lesson to aid in mastery of key concepts 
  •  Detailed Answer Feedback: Detailed explanations provide another level of comprehension
  •  Track Progress: Allows users to track progress through courses 
  •  Mock Exams: Covers all topics outlined by 2017 ARRT guidelines
  • Customizable Exam: Choose number of questions per exam and select between practice or exam mode
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